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www.mahaurja.com Kusum Mahaurja Registration is available now. This is a new scheme created by the Central Government to serve solar pumps in the state of Maharashtra. Now candidates can get a free solar pump for the irrigation of their fields after doing Kusum registration at the official website www.mahaurja.com. The citizens of the state can visit the official website https Kusum maharaja com benef_home and complete their registration. This is a new campaign named Maha Krishi Urja Abhiyaan which is run under Meda Company fully named Maharashtra Energy Development Agency Government of Maharashtra. Check out the details below.


Kusum Mahaurja Registration 2023 For Solar Pump

Kusum Mahorja Com Solar Beneficiary Register is a process by which farmers can make their own solar pump connection under the Central Government, this scheme is launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. To get the benefits of Kusum Mahorja Solar Yojana you have to fill out the Kusum Mahorja Registration Form 2023 on the official webpage. Read the full report below.

www.mahaurja.com Kusum Registration 2023

Kusum Mahorja Saur Registration 2023 is now open till its last date. The Government of Maharashtra has re-irrigated this scheme to benefit all the farmers of the state. The farmers of the state can be benefited by getting free solar pump subsidies for their farms by registering themselves on the official website. If you are also a farmer then get ready to read the below information.

What is Kusum Mahaurja Solar Scheme 2023

The Maharashtra Kusum Mahaurja Solar Pump Registration 2023 has been started by the Maharashtra government for the citizens of the state. It has been decided to start So Kusum-B Yojana through Maharishi Urja Abhiyan to the people within the limits set by the Central Government and State Government. This scheme docked for the common citizens of the state is very beneficial. The application form has been issued through the official website kusum.mahaurja.com. You will now be able to apply for Solar Agriculture Pumps online. Today, through this article, we will provide you with the complete details of www.mahaurja.com Kusum Registration 2023.

kusum.mahaurja.com solar beneficiary register Details

Name of Yojana Kusum Mahaurja Yojana 2023
Abhiyan Name Maha Krushi Urja Abhiyan
Started By Central Government of India
Started For All Farmers of the State
Run In Maharashtra State
Main Motive to Start To give solar pumps for irrigation
Scheme Mode Online, Offline
Benefits Offered Free Solar Pumps to every farmer
Article Category Yojana
Cost of Solar Pump Free
Official Website kusum.mahaurja.com

Kusum Solar Pump Scheme Benefits

  • Kusum Solar Pump Yojana Maharashtra 2023, facility to install other electrical equipment at own expense
  • With the installation of 3800 non-circulating solar agriculture pumps in 34 districts of the state, farmers will be able to irrigate during the day.
  • All general category beneficiaries will get 10% of the agricultural pump price and 5% for scheduled caste or scheduled tribe beneficiaries.
  • 3 HP on Basic, 5 HP Farmer’s Retention Ability. 7.5 HP and above HP DC Solar Pumps will be available.

Pump Scheme 2023 Beneficiary Selection Criteria Kusum Solar

  • Solar agriculture pumps of 7.5 HP DC or more are permissible for 2.5 acres of agricultural land holding 3 HP DC, and 5 acres of agricultural land holding 5 HP DC and above.
  • Applicants applying under Atal Saur Kheti Pump Yojana Phase-1 & 2 or Chief Minister Saur Krishi Pump Yojana are not allowed.
  • Farmers without traditional power connections. ‘Kusum Solar Pump Yojana’
  • Near farmer fields, wells, borewells, perennial streams as well as permanent water sources.

Kusum Yojana Maharashtra Documents Required 2023

  • Passport size photograph
  • Canceled check copy/Bank passbook copy
  • Aadhaar Card
  • No-objection affidavit of the second partner if the farm/well/water pump is normal.
  • 7/12th part (Well | If a coupon is in the line field then registration is necessary on 7/12th part) If there is more than one name, no objection certificate of other residents Rs. 200/- will have to be deposited on stamp paper.

Maharashtra scheme subsidy agriculture pump scheme Kusum solar

The following information is given as follows: Category – Basic Price – GST (8.9%) – Total – Revised GST (13.8%) – Total – Additional Beneficiary Share to be deposited by the farmer (Rs.)

3 H.P.

Open- 2160 – 17810 – 767 – 15650 – 1393 – 17043

SC/ST  – 1080 – 8905 – 383- 7823 – 696 – 8522

5 H.P.

Open – 22250 – 1980 – 24230 – 3071 – 25321 – 1091

SC/ST – 1535 – 12660 – 545 – 11125 – 990 – 12115 

7.5 H.P.

Open – 34350 -3057 – 37407 – 4740 – 39090 – 1683

SC/ST- 2370 – 19545 – 842 – 17174 – 1529 – 18703 

Mahaurja Kusum Solar Pump Component “B”

  1. This campaign will be implemented through Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MAHAURJA) on a first come first serve basis by inviting online applications from the constituent applicants.
  2. The cost of a solar agriculture pump is Rs.1.56 lakhs (3 HP), Rs. 2.225 lacks (5 HP), and Rs. 3.435 million (7.5 hp)
  3. There is a plan to install 3 HP DC pumps for farmers having 2.5 acres of land, 5 HP for farmers having 5 acres of land and 7.5 HP DC pumps for farmers having more than 5 acres of land.
  4. Out of the total objectives, in the first phase, 50 percent of solar agricultural pumps will be distributed in 34 districts according to the population of the district on a first come first serve basis and then on demand.
  5. Due to the availability of power from solar agriculture pumps, farmers can install Universal Solar Pump Controller at their own cost for use of other power equipment.
  6. Beneficiaries of a general group will get a contribution at the rate of 10% of the cost of the solar agriculture pump and the beneficiaries of the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe will get a contribution at the rate of 5% of the cost of the pump. Kusum Solar Pump Yojana Maharashtra
  7. A 10/5 percent contribution will be required from the beneficiaries, 30 percent financial assistance from the central government, and 60/65 percent grant from the state government under this scheme
  8. Under this campaign, approval has been granted to install 5 lakh non-transmission solar agriculture pumps in the next 5 years and 1 lakh non-transmission solar agriculture pumps in the first year.

kusum.mahaurja.com login

  1. Visit the official website, for Maharashtra Kusum Solar Pump Yojana
  2. The home page will open.
  3. Click on the Beneficiary Login button.
  4. Summon the name or application number and password used in the displayed login form.
  5. Click on the login button provided.
  6. Now you have successfully logged in.

Process Of Kusum Mahaurja Registration 2023

Kusum Mahourja.com Solar Beneficiary Register facility is now available. Farmers who want to complete their registration can follow the below steps.

  • Go to official website kusum.mahaurja.com.
  • Select the appropriate option to register now appearing on the home page.
  • Application Form will open.
  • Enter your required details.
  • Upload Documents.
  • Click on the submit button given below.
  • Now your registration is completed successfully.

Meda Approved Solar Vendor List 2023

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Click on the Vendor List button on the next page.
  3. Select the State, District, etc. in the form displayed.
  4. Click on the Go button provided.
  5. Vendor List will be displayed.

Kusum Mahaurja Registration Terms and Conditions

  1. I understand that if such reports are not submitted in time, compensation may not be available.
  2. Today I am glad to give you the guarantee of getting the solar pump.
  3. The electricity office will not be responsible for the failure of the solar pump or the damage caused to agricultural products due to such failure due to technical reasons or in the event of the solar pump being shut down.
  4. In case of any theft/damage of solar pump equipment due to natural calamity, I will file a first information report at the nearest police station within 15 days of the incident and will take responsibility for reporting to the electricity office.
  5. I understand that under no circumstances am I allowed to transfer, sell or make any technical changes to the solar plant.
  6. I approve the utilization of solar power generated by these solar pumps under the Conventional Power Purchase Order (RPO) from MSEDCL. All the above terms and conditions shall be binding upon my successors and assign and me.
  7. I have understood the above information and I accept it without any pressure.
  8. I will not make any changes to the installed design of this solar pump, if this happens I will be responsible for the damage caused,
  9. During this period, it is my responsibility to inform immediately toll-free number in case of pump failure.
  10. The maintenance and repair period for solar pumps is 5 years. If the solar pump breaks down during this period, the repair and maintenance of the solar pump will be the responsibility of the contractor and it is free of charge. “Kusum Mahurja Com”


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